Most important submissive phrase

‘Can you help me, please?’

Hello everyone! It has been a long while, some of you who follow my other site know why already.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be back here or if at all for now. I have started the slow process of getting back to writing, I know it’s good for my head but I’m not sure if I have anything worth sharing here. If you have any questions, any comments, any musing etc. feel free to drop a comment. Maybe you will inspire a post! LoL I did have this one thought though … 

The most important phrase that I, as His submissive, have learned is to ask for help! Right now especially I’m finding it to be crucial. 

The kink, the BDSM, the masochist in me and the sadist in Him. Those are all important in our dynamic for certain BUT learning to ask for help, learning I can ask for help, learning that I can completely depend on Him. 

That’s what really makes this dynamic special. 

Happy Friday! I have missed you …. 

4 thoughts on “Most important submissive phrase

    1. I’m not sure if I have anything overly interesting or new in that respect (lol) but I think I can maybe reminisce a bit … I think I may have a bit of time tomorrow, I’ll see what inspiration hits then!
      ❤ nice to be back, even if I only hop in and out at times!


  1. This is a lesson I have been working on learning! I have the worst time asking for help, I have spent so long doing everything myself that I have to condition myself to rely on him when I need him…and to actually tell him so he knows what I need.

    As far as writing, do you have any tips on how to get back into the power exchange mentality when regular life gets in the way, or when complacency sets in? It’s something I struggle with, so it might be a good writing.

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    1. I think your thoughts are similar to Leather’s .. I will hopefully have time and inspiration enough to write tomorrow!

      We have brainstormed and revamped many times to try to stay engaged. I think the short answer is simply communicate, after that it’s about practicing some mindfulness – for me anyway.


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