I’ve been in a lot of pain for a very long time. Today however, the pain is when i sit – and due to other issues all together!! *raspberries*

It has reminded me of the importance of proper skin care as well! Dry skin can lead to paddle rash, a thing i assure you, you don’t want!

I’m pretty well covered in bruises, something i don’t normally have. When we take the time to warm up slowly the bruises are on the inside (deep tissue) not outside but with little time and much enthusiasm … oh well! *wink*

I’m not sure if it was all too fast, or if i’m just dealing with too much other stuff right now but i don’t seem to have gotten the normal ‘floaty’ calm that usually accompanies some play. *shrug*

Just musing ….

Happy Monday! โค

9 thoughts on “Ouch!

    1. Thanks, Jecture! I have a pretty good regiment for my skin care (wrote a couple posts a few years ago when i did suffer the wrath of the rash!!) and i was able to find some very cost effective products to boot!
      Bruises are still holding on! :O LoL Seems we really did go all in!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Personally, i don’t like bruises but they will fade!
      Yeah, not sure why it wasn’t there this time. *shrug* Still nice to get the chance for impact play though!


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