Writing on my blog or, why i haven’t!

I’ll be honest, sometimes i really just have nothing left to say here, that was the case for a short while. Lately however (since January) i haven’t really written much because i haven’t had the time!

I started working again full time and so my days are busy and spoken for. After hours i normally have a lot of time, we tend to stay around the house even without Covid! The trouble is that i haven’t got the time – alone!

When Bear is home my attentions are always on Him first. I just can’t seem to take myself away to go and write. It’s not that He has ever denied me the time or space, it’s just ME! I can’t do it ….

I know, i’m a hopeless case! *raspberries*

Once school is back in i’m hoping to get back at it in earnest. My days should slow down once more and both writing and working out are on the agenda. They help me physically but also mentally!

Any ideas on topics???

Be well ❤

4 thoughts on “Writing on my blog or, why i haven’t!

  1. I’m trying to think of topics but my brain keeps fritzing. I haven’t read back through your blog yet to know what you’ve already posted about, but what I most want to know is how you discovered your submissiveness. I’m sure you’ve already covered that though.

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    1. Hello, Melody! Let me think, I’m not sure if i’d say discovered as much as grew into – matured – evolved!?! Maybe the best descriptor! LoL
      I have covered it i’m sure, there are well over 1100 posts so i’d be very impressed if you covered them all!! LoL It started with kink and evolved to really be a form of selfcare. 🙂 I can certainly cover it again, i think it may have a bit different twist on it than what you normally read!


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