Ok, so i’m confused …

Over the past few months it seems that many, many posts of mine have been ‘shared’.

I can’t seem to figure out where, and I’m in no position to take the time to figure out which ones – I do however wonder ….

Who? Just who of you are sharing and to where?

Is there anything else you’d like to know? If it’s so interesting that you want to share it I wonder if there is more you are curious of??

I could use a distraction from other things in my life – so tell me! ask me, whatever ….  *wink* LoL


8 thoughts on “Ok, so i’m confused …

  1. I don’t know if I have ever shared any of your stuff if so I would have rebloged it here with your original name and tags in tact, however I do truly enjoy reading your stories both lifestyle and day to day related. Having someone be real and unapologetically honest in today’s day and age is so rare that it’s refreshing to see. Thank you! 💗

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    1. Oh, thank you for saying so, that’s very kind! 😀
      I’ve done some sleuthing (25 more shares since last night!) and it seems that are going on FB and twitter! I don’t use either of those things so – the rabbit may never know! LoL
      (Well i started FB last Dec. but it has 2 posts for work. I needed to advertise and that is the best method for my line of work. I’ve convinced myself i don’t need to count that! *wink*)


  2. Sounds a bit strange, I’ve never copied anyone’s blog, but if I was going to, I would ask permission first.
    Now I’ve a question, I couldn’t find anywhere to message you privately, so Master told me to just leave a message on here for now. I’m not v good on WordPress, and Master only goes on for stuff I need him to do for me, he’s a manager in IT and says WordPress is confusing, understanding how each person is different but as I was looking through yours, I noticed a page with short stories, that needs a password, Master said he thinks that means I have to ask you.
    Sorry for posting on here, I will delete if you don’t want it on here.
    Thank you 😍

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    1. No worries! There are a very few posts on here that are password protected but those are all for Bear’s eyes only. They started to add up and so I created a second private blog just for him! *smiles*
      Anything for public consumption should be open already but you can always reach me through the blog or at 73nijntje@gmail.com privately if you like!

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