I try, honest I try!!

‘You look like you have bunny ears when you bend over …’  

I didn’t know if I should laugh or be shocked!! It was said to me this morning – by a 5 year old!!! :O

I keep kink out of my work day because I work with children. To me, the two simply don’t mix. But then this …. *shakes head but grins*

I suppose it’s better than the day he said he ‘wanted to be down Dora’s throat’!!?!?!!

I try, I swear i try ….!!!! *chuckle*

4 thoughts on “I try, honest I try!!

  1. This made me giggle, but I’d agree kink needs to stay away from work. I follow you on your kink site, fetcetera, just began a new blog about the menopause, help me thru it. Me,mymenopauseandi. Could I be cheeky and ask you to follow me please xxxx

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    1. You can, and i will! But i have no site on fetcetera …. anyway, best of luck on your en devours! Glad i made you giggle, especially while fighting the meno-Beast!! 🙂


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