touché – lil’rabbit silliness

Poor Bear, don’t know how he puts up with me! 😉

Bear brought these home yesterday ….

me:    ‘ummm, so does this mean you have a harem now!?!? *giggle* 

It took him a minute but …

Bear:    ‘no, those are for you.’ *wink*

I *was* the one who asked for them …

me:    i guess than, i DO!!!    *giggle*    touché! 

14 thoughts on “touché – lil’rabbit silliness

    1. Hey, where did you get the “adorable” word from? I hear that a lot lately. Lol. She usually says “dorable”. There might be something to this…humm.

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      1. The cuteness of the post made me think of that word. “dorable”. that is even cuter. lol
        Maybe there is something to this. You will have to ask her. I think she is hoarding “dorable” the way other people are hoarding toilet paper.

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      2. LoL I’m not only ‘dorable, i’m also perfect in ebery way’ 😉 (no, not a type O) usually done with much big brown eye batting of lashes! *wink*
        I’ll tell you like i tell Bear – You’re welcome! *giggle*

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