Happy Anniversary Bear – and mourning a great loss.

Yesterday marked 23 years officially together for Bear and I.  We celebrated much like we celebrate everything else, together. Really that’s all that matters.

A few weeks ago we lost one of the greats in my opinion, a great performer, role model and man. I don’t think many realized just what this man did to help others but I don’t really think he cared. He did it because he felt it was right, the rest as they say …. is history.

Why do I have these two songs? Well, the first helped to get me to where I am and the second I wanted to use for my 25th wedding anniversary because it mean a lot. But, it seems that ‘life’ has moved things ahead for me and so here we are.

Most of you probably won’t relate, but this man ‘raised me’ more than my parents did. I listened to his words even as a small child and they spoke to me, they made sense. As I got older I started to see something that gave me a deeper connection. It has taken me a month to even be able to post something about his passing.

I still don’t have the words but I thought I’d share his …..

Where I started …. where I ended up. I never truly thought it would happen – but 23 years later, here we are! ❤

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