Seems He has a rule ….

A couple of weeks ago Bear decided that He needed to swat my backside, out of the blue i might add, just like that!

I was a bit surprised i admit, it wasn’t His usual playful demeanor. He seemed to actually have an opinion on something that He decided He didn’t like. Humm

Now you see, i don’t often do things that He disapproves of. I have my own set of ‘rules’ let’s say that i follow of my own accord, life rules. To be honest it doesn’t really leave much for Him to have to ‘handle’, if you get my drift. Lately however i have/had become a bit lax on one of my values. Not a lot but occasionally, when someone or something was really irritating i would say a swear word. :O

If you have read much of anything here you probably already know that i don’t use swears/profanity, it’s simply not my style. But like i said, i let one slip out and He did NOT approve!

Now I generally use the term D/s and not M/s but the truth is that He really doesn’t need my approval or input to make a choice/new rule like this. Yes, I do still have the opportunity to state my case and He will listen and take it under advisement but unless it’s something valid than it really doesn’t matter. Not in this type of case anyway!

So it seems i have a new rule …. I have ‘always been a lady and that’s the way He prefers it’, so swearing (unless it’s under the circumstance of begging/pleading for release 😉 THAT circumstance is fine! 😛 ) is no longer tolerated!

That’s fine with me, He’s right, I had gotten away from my core set of values and it’s time to get back to where i belong! Profanity does have a time and place, i know that to be true, but just because i am annoyed or bothered by something is not a good enough reason.  Not for me, and not for Him!

*** Just to be clear, this is not a statement on how anyone else should live their lives, it’s simply a choice that we have made.

3 thoughts on “Seems He has a rule ….

  1. And a beautiful choice. I like it very much that he does let you express your opinion and take it under advisement.
    I that is very fiar to you.

    Also, I really like that you are honest with yourself in these moments of self reflection.

    Please take care of yourselves. Stay safe.

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    1. Honestly, it’s a bit of a relief! I start to lose my values when i start to lose my focus/my way. Having Him notice and bring me back around reminds me that i’m not alone. I know, that’s not the way the fantasies are written … but there is a deeper value to this dynamic beyond sex and i believe that deep down it’s the true appeal of those in committed relationships or those seeking the same.

      He’s always been more than fair, that’s why i picked Him! You may have stumbled upon a pet peeve of mine and i may need to write it! LoL

      We are doing well my friend and it’s very nice to see you back out an about! I hope you are well too and I hope things get back to ‘normal’ soon enough so that you may take care of all the other outstanding issues! I was wondering, do you ever write about rabbits?!?!? 😛 LoL

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