Is it just me?

I’m feeling just awful these last couple of days, today even worse. Fever, chills, aches and now my stomach is turning- oh yay!

I did spend the hours sleeping last night having some pretty steamy sex dreams though!!

Every time i’m really sick all i want is to be sexed-up roughly (that’s relative to how sick i am of course), well ‘used’ and then set to bed. Then, i can finally settle and rest.

Is that just my weird when sick kink??

4 thoughts on “Is it just me?

    1. Horny indeed!! LoL
      I get that way too, but I think this is something more. It’s more like a primal way of passing over all control, in everything … work, house, kids, dinner etc etc …. not sure if that makes sense.

      It’s not about having sex exactly (not this time *wink*) it’s about not having to worry about anything and just letting me rest and my body heal. Does that make sense? My brain *never* stops, thinking, planning, preparing. It’s never ending but when I’m sick that doesn’t allow for recovering. Being ‘taken’ frees me of all else.


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