Oh, for F’s sakes!!

Remember that week i said i might have??? The one to be nijntje??

Well just now found out that my uncle had a stroke yesterday …. he should hopefully be ok.

Also, his daughter, my niece, has a growth on the back of her neck and now she can’t see out of one eye.

She’s been out of country for some time, i guess she’s back!!

*wry laughter* so much for my week …. ! 😛

4 thoughts on “Oh, for F’s sakes!!

    1. LoL I do love your optimism, minnie!
      My youngest brother depends on me to keep him balanced these days and having an uncle in the hospital and a niece in distress weighs on him greatly! Someone needs to help him avoid and episode, my family are not what you call helpful, there is a reason why i am more or less estranged!
      My middle brother also depends on me to keep him balanced and from over stressing and having a heart attack himself (very high BP).
      That should keep my attentions until uncle is out of the hospital, which according to his current BP, won’t likey be any time soon.
      Next week starts semester 2 for my youngest and so the slow process of helping him get conditioned to the new class rooms, teachers, kids etc. will start all over. Not to mention the emails and phone calls to try to get everyone on the same page. Fingers crossed i don’t end up with any A hole teachers! Again!
      It normally takes him a month and a half or two to even begin to look at anyone, let alone start to ‘breathe’.
      If I’m lucky, i might be able to exhale come April …. maybe!
      So no, i don’t think there is always next week, around here i’m lucky to get a few days per year. *shrug*


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