Caught up?

Things are more or less handled at the moment, at least until next week!

The youngest is in exams now, his schedule for next semester is finally set. I still need to write a note to his new teachers and give them the important information but that should wait until February. That’s when they start fresh!

A new doctor for W has been found and this one is much more reasonable. *sigh* The one we/i was supposed to get in November baled. Apparently they are sending out a letter to inform us (all the patients that were on the waiting list). I have yet to see one ….

The oldest is finally doing well, getting his diploma and actually learning!! surrounded by people and teachers who treat him fairly and show respect. Imagine that …. about damn time.

10 days on FB and I am working pretty much at capacity again. My body hates me for it but my bank account doesn’t! LoL I hate debt, of any sort ….. i’ll sleep better in pain than in debt and obsessing!

It started with the furnace and just progressed, thing after thing within a month and a half and all of a sudden we went from all paid up to almost $10 000 of things to replace. I have no intention of going into my savings so work it is!

My baby brother, who has just recently come back into my life, has been taken advantage of by family but I have convinced him to meet with my financial adviser. I think he learned a few things and opened up his mind to a few new ideas for his future. The man i work with is very kind and has a great heart for helping where and who he can. He has offered to provide his services to L free of charge regardless of whether or not he moves his money. People like that are hard to find. I want to give him credit, even if he will never know it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

L is schizophrenic …. he can use all the help he can get. You’d be surprised how many people have no trouble taking advantage.

So, it’s been a busy couple of months, with holidays and things breaking down, appointments and emails. Advocating and stress managing, fact finding and scheduling, coordinating and pushing forward.

If i’m lucky i have about a week of calm before the next storm.

Once again i find myself in a position that maybe, just maybe I can lay down sword and shield. For just a little while the warrior can rest.


Perhaps, if i’m lucky, i can switch gears and just be nijntje for a while.

I guess we’ll soon find out. Happy Friday โค


4 thoughts on “Caught up?

  1. Things have certainly been busy for you! I can’t believe that doctor bailed like that, but it’s good that W has one that’s easier to work with. That makes a world of difference. Any idea of when you’ll be able to get another doctor for you lined up?

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    1. No, i have no clue when another will open up here in town. There was a new doctor who moved in in November but since we thought we already had one we didn’t try to get in. Feeling pretty stupid about taking people at their word ATM!

      Fortunately W’s new doctor is more about the patient and less about demeaning women! He addressed all of the issues that our old family doctor had requested in the first place and removed one of the meds that the other fool had doubled! Gave us a few phone apps that W can use in private and suggested staying our current course is probably the best Rx anyhow. At some point W will have to work through his anxiety on his own/with apps or go and talk to someone for coping strategies. (CBT) -not the kinky one! ๐Ÿ˜› That needs to happen on his time of course so for now we just keep moving forward one hurdle at a time!

      I need to update the other blog, i’ve just not had any time!! Currently i’m trying to deal with my chronic issues through a clinic …. Oh what fun! LoL

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      1. It is a huge relief, thank you!
        I’ve had plenty of experience with it because it’s more or less what we have done to help him his whole life. It was just that other quack that decided i have ‘hurt my child for many years’ by not medicating him! But i have ranted about that already LoL time to move forward once more. ๐Ÿ™‚

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