It’s official!

It’s true, it’s official! I’ve always known what i like and what i don’t ..

What i need in my life and what i really have no use for! I was right ….

I hate Facebook. I don’t like having to be ‘nice’ and ‘like’ and all that, all the time.

I don’t like people-ing as it is, having to do it in print, it seems to be even worse in feel. UGH

I’m there because of my work, in case you are wondering. In my field, advertising and promoting has gone by way of FB, so here i am. šŸ˜›

You need ‘friends’ in order to look credible but then all of your ‘friends’ stuff shows up on your feed. I’ll be honest, i don’t care! I really don’t, i mean it’s important to you and i get that …. but i don’t want to know.

If i shut it all off, it makes me look less likable, but i need to see what’s being said so i can stay relevant.

Yeah, still hate FB. Sorry, not my cup of tea!

In other news ….. 10 days on FB has me working at full capacity, so time to write has not been available. I miss writing, i miss responding, i miss you all. Let’s hope i can hop back in here and there!


7 thoughts on “It’s official!

      1. Thank you. šŸ˜Š I think about you too. šŸ° Sometimes I get a little concerned. Sometimes people drift away and never drift back.
        I’m happy you’re there. Or here. Or somewhere. šŸ’–

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      2. I’m here, I’m just not ready to enjoy my time with intelligent, interesting conversation. Unfortunately life and pressure has stolen my fun! šŸ˜‹ for now anyway. I miss our back and forth, you can bank on that, kitty! šŸ˜ŗ

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      3. Silly old pressure, stealing away with your fun. And also, I like kitty. I always have. If I could have picked my own in real life name, I would have picked kitty. I don’t know why. šŸ˜»

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      4. I know you like kitty, that’s why i like to use it. šŸ™‚ Kitty is to you as bunny is to me, I guess i have watched and i pay attention. I think that’s why i miss our time, i miss being able to talk from my bunny self too! šŸ˜‰ One of the few times i connect … sshhhh, never said that! šŸ˜› LoL


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