Not exactly what it seems, this D/s.

I’ve been a bit flustered as of late. I think that’s probably the best descriptor. Some of it in the previous post and some of it here as well. Some of it i haven’t even begun to put down in writing.

There is a lot going on in my mind right now but ‘submissive’ is not really something on the forefront. Not in the kinky, posturing sort of way anyhow. The more frustrated I get the more stupid little things irritate me. Things He does make me grit my teeth and bite my tongue …. and not so much because of D/s but more because I know it’s not right.

I think when you get into a 24/7 D/s relationship it really isn’t all that different from any other committed relationship for the most part. We’re not kinking it up 24/7, as nice as it may sound it is simply not possible.

We are parents first and foremost, the kids need our time and attention. Next is jobs of course, and then pets …. time, money, emotional struggles both ours or someone close. All of that doesn’t go away because you adopt D/s as a lifestyle. Not when you live together!

But the D/s shouldn’t go away either, just because of ‘life’ stuff, because that stuff will always be there.

So I texted Him and told Him that I didn’t want any ‘kinky stuff’ today. The things that usually keep me thinking of Him and us in that way are today just an irritation. My body is not having any of it and my mind is ready to spin out of control.

He agreed …

He is still He and i am still me but today i need to keep it low key, for my own peace. Sometimes peace comes inside D/s and sometimes it comes from outside in a manner of speaking.

Today i just need to STOP.

He doesn’t point fingers, complain or blame. He stays and holds things steady, He waits for me to be ready. He supports and He watches. And when the time is right He starts again.

That’s what makes Him a dominant, not the ropes ….. *wink*

Oh geez, it’s only Tuesday!?!?! UGH


2 thoughts on “Not exactly what it seems, this D/s.

  1. The D/s thing can be a tough nut sometimes, even when you’re unable to ‘do it’s for one reason or another. Someone I’ve been following on Fetlife just yesterday deleted her presence there after about 8, 9 years because she had an ‘ah ha’ moment and claimed she was no longer kinky. She felt she’d evolved past those needs and needed to embrace a vanilla existence. Good for her to be brave enough to make that decision and even share it with those that befriended her or just followed, rather than just up and disappearing.

    Not saying that’s you, not making that connection, comparison what have you. D/s is many things, but it does not have to be embraced 24/7. Do it on your own terms.

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    1. D/s is certainly a thing one must figure out for themselves, no one couple has the ‘answer’, that’s for sure! Good for your friend to be able to live the way she wants!

      I can’t say that it’s not here with us 24/7, it’s more that the kinky orders some times need to take a back seat to more responsible(?) reasonable(?) ordinary(?) chores and actions.

      Ours happens to involve more than kink and sex so sometimes the more basic aspects need to be enough. I think that makes sense?? Basically if i can’t move my fingers very well than putting on cuffs and sending pics is just not going to happen today. Unless I get someone besides Bear to do it! LoL THAT will never happen here ….

      Ironically we’ve been much more kinky lately when we are together than we had been for a while, it’s just the ‘flying solo’ things that are on the back burner for now! Never easy!! 😛

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