and again …. pushing forward once more

I’m in slightly less pain today so i have slightly more patience. Not much, the levels of pain i have leave very little room for thought or concentration.

He is trying, i know He is and i just needed ask for what i wanted/needed and it would have been done. I know that too ….

I’m just exhausted and aching and this needs to stop. I need help, i need a damn doctor! We were supposed to start with a new family doctor in November, well November is almost over and we have yet to hear anything from her.

I always get worse when the temperature drops and it most certainly has done that. My leg and ankle hurt so badly that it keeps me constantly shifting trying to find some position that might be manageable. Walking is torture and by days end the pain is just searing and all over my body.

Sleep is fleeting as you can well imagine.

So yeah, tapping into my ‘submissive’ energy is hard to do right now. I need to stay strong and fight the good fight, still … more … again. My warrior is in full force, i have no choice.

He misses His bunny, it makes Him ‘off’ as well.

So, onward once more. Maybe i can manage some energy tonight to do some of those posturing things He likes! I guess we’ll see.

Thank you to those who reached out. ❤

10 thoughts on “and again …. pushing forward once more

  1. I hope you can see a doctor very soon! I will keep you in my prayers. I don’t know what kind of pain you’re having other than the NON FUN kind, blah! But, some anti-inflammatory things are ginger and ginger root tea, turmeric, and a very easy to drink Montmorency cherry Juice. It has to be that kind….. it’s the most medically studied cherry. It eases gout and arthritis and has melatonin in it to help you sleep. I buy mine online from Orchard Bay. It is really helping a friend of mine with pain and sleep. Hope you feel better soon! Hugs, Windy

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    1. Thanks Windy, i hope i get a new doctor soon too!! I got half way through figuring some of this out and my MD retired, leaving me in limbo and in constant pain! A very long story here but let’s just say i’m very ready for someone new.

      I can’t drink tea, makes me really nauseous but i will definitely look into the cherry juice. How much do you drink in a day? I use ginger and turmeric in my foods often 🙂 and kiwi helps to ward off viruses and fight colds twice as fast if i do happen to catch something!


      1. Here is the juice we get:
        And here on that same website is the research and health benefits.

        Instead of ginger root tea……… there is crystalized ginger root …… helps BIG TIME with nausea, heart burn, sometimes migraines…….. this is what we get ……… or NOW Foods has bigger ones……… I haven’t tried to make my own out of ginger root yet, but I just might very soon if it is cheaper! Cherry juice should be 8 ounces before bed for sure…… Hugs, Windy

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