What makes it D/s, instead of ‘vanilla’?

** This is my opinion of course, my view on what the difference is. **

To me, the thing that makes it D/s and not ‘vanilla’ is that there are no games! Or at least, there are no games that have not been agreed on and consented to.

I believe that D/s is much less about kink and more about the honesty and openness that the partners share.

You can be kinky and not be D/s ……

Happy Friday ❤

3 thoughts on “What makes it D/s, instead of ‘vanilla’?

  1. N,
    This is a complicated subject because our views are our own and the question is an open-ended one, I think. I have a hard time with the “game” thing. I want to ask you a question……. do you think “scenes” are games? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around seeing them as anything other than a game because it’s play. We don’t do scenes, and we don’t “play.” All the domestic discipline and spanking is real and for real reasons. I’m interested in your experienced opinion. Hugs, Windy

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    1. Oh no Windy, i meant the mind games that some people play with each other. I wasn’t referring to scenes or play but i do know what you mean. i think … lol

      Bear and i don’t ‘role play’ when we practice anything BDSM, it just doesn’t work for us so i think i can understand what you mean by real. Others do for their own reasons and that’s fine, it’s just not our thing.

      My guess is that for some scenes are like a game and for some of us they are not. It really is a personal preference.

      I think your question however is much more in depth and i’m happy to continue in email if you like? 73nijntje@gmail.com


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