Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ..

… but, sometimes the beholder needs a bit of help to see it. ❤

I’ve been musing recently how it used to be when i had a small group of like minded friends to chat with. It was nice to just be able to say what you thought without having to worry or explain like you would with those outside of the ‘lifestyle’.

It was also nice that when talking about everyday happenings, especially the everyday happenings that we all do, at some point take for granted, chat friends can point out the ‘obvious’ beauty of your D/s that you just don’t seem to see right then.

You hear often that the small things are what counts and what keep you going when you have more than just a D/s relationship but when stuck in the middle of everything else it sometimes takes an outsider to point the ‘small things’ out for you. Once you realize you can see the beauty of YOUR dynamic no matter how loud or how quiet it may be right then.

Just because your dynamic isn’t as loud as before doesn’t mean it’s not still in tact, it simply means that other things in your life need a voice this time. It may also mean that it’s the quiet that comes before the evolution, the next step in your journey. Maybe it’s both. 🙂

I just always found that it made it easier to see the beauty in our lives, our D/s lives, when others were there to point some of it out. It also seemed to me that it then made seeing the small things in our own relationships that much easier as well.

I think we sometimes lose track of how well things are going when they don’t fit the book version, when it isn’t all kinky you-know-what! When life takes over, and we all know it will from time to time, having that knowledge and understanding of the small things helps us to know we are still ‘we’. Just maybe a bit quieter right now. *wink*

Just rambles! 😀

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