Power exchange or peri-menopause??

Our thanksgiving holiday is less than 2 weeks away. I’m not doing anything, we decided a few years back that due to my chronic issues i would no longer be hosting. If my physical situation changes than we will think again but until then, i’m done.

This year Bear’s youngest brother has decided to ‘do something’, he/they normally skip town! LoL Long story short they spend much more energy on ‘her side’ of the family and this side gets shoved aside and ignored. Not sure why they decided to do anything this year but let’s just say it’s more of an insult than an attempt.

Bear has decided He/we are not going! :O

Up until this D/s, peri-menopause started i would have put myself out there, over worked and brought it all together myself and then paid for it dearly for weeks, or more, afterwards.

Now, He says if they are going to do nothing but insult than we’re not going. I say … okay!

I’m not just saying that, i really don’t have any stress over it, it’s His decision, He’s the Boss and He will tell me if we go or if we don’t. Of course once the change started, worrying about all the small stuff went out the window as well. LoL I used to be the ‘Martha Stewart’ of baking and occasions, now i do what i can and only for those who really are a good force in my life.

D/s or menopause? I don’t know, probably both! All i know is that it’s much better this way for us. Less stress!


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