A day in the life

There are plenty of things that go on in a day that have nothing to do with kink but they do have everything to do with my life. I’m not sure where this ‘brain download’ will go, if you choose to stick around, good luck! *chuckle*

Every morning at 4:45 Bear gets up, He comes around to my side of the bed and says good morning. He kisses my forehead, asks me if i got any sleep and wishes me a good day.

Sometimes His hands wander …. sometimes my hands wander. We both sleep naked. Sometimes He wants more …. Most days however He tells me to be good, be careful and to not over do it.

Once i get up i look for His morning text, He always sends one. Some have tasks to do, some simply say ‘good morning beautiful’. If He hasn’t yet than i send Him one first. 🙂

Then work starts for a few hours. If He has ordered a task then it sits in the back of my mind, a connection to Him i guess you could say. Funny, the thing that reminds me most of my submission during the working hours is wearing panties! *chuckle* i find that pretty amusing …. not wearing any doesn’t play on my mind at all, wearing them does!

Most of the time i’m wearing them my mind wanders to the moment when His hands are on me, around my hips and sliding them off, reclaiming what’s His. Bear is the one who removes them, i wait until He allows it, until He wants me back.

Sometimes He makes me model them for Him, sometimes He makes me keep them on for whatever reason! That always makes me *pout*, i think that might be the real reason!



8 thoughts on “A day in the life

    1. I think Bear agrees with you on all those points! He grins from ear to ear when it’s a sundress and a windy day, as He holds on to my hand as usual …. trying to ward off the wind with one hand is no easy task! Fortunately He will normally take pity and give me my other hand back, for a while anyway!
      Pure Evil!!! 😛 LoL


      1. Oh no, Bear keeps a close eye, He just likes to watch me squirm. If there was a chance of true exposure He wouldn’t do it. Bear does not share, any part of His bunny, ever.
        I’m sure you’ve noticed that there is nothing revealing on this blog, that is my way but it is also His rule!
        He does like to tease me though … i should know better but in the heat of the moment, well the mind worries! LoL

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