Today i’m feeling silly … goofy ….. playful.

There has been a lot going on but for some reason my mood is still as such.

I’ve been reading about spankings and mindfulness and it has just reminded me of how long it’s been since we’ve been able to get any real impact play in! UGH

We were going to go away for the day Saturday and maybe try to add some naughtiness into our day but plans have changed. We’ve decided it’s best to stay close to home this weekend because, well you know … life!

I’m envious of those who have time and space and PRIVACY enough to play!

Still i’m totally tapping into ‘bunny’, i hope it continues into tonight! :O


10 thoughts on “Today!

    1. Thank you, Windy! I am hanging in, it’s just been a long road so far. My youngest is 17 but mental health issues and a change in meds has created some serious side effects. It’s nothing i hide i just write about it on my other blog. 🙂 A week ago everything seemed fine, as of yesterday sh*t hit the fan so here we are.
      This too shall pass, it always does. *smiles*


  1. Nothing wrong with being goofy and playful! Sucks that y’all can’t get away for the weekend though, but you’re right, sometimes life just happens. I’m sure another chance will crop up soon.

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    1. Thank you, Minxy! So far bunny has held her grown and is reeking havoc all over for Bear! LoL
      Best put some best wished towards Him, i think He may need them this weekend if this keeps up!!!
      (Sorry, i get very silly at times and it doesn’t usually translate to here but apparently this time i’m ‘all in’)

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