Free falling

** just thinking out loud **

My life is far from perfect, i’m far from perfect and so is Bear. Our dynamic goes through periods of high intensity and it also has times of low, slow calmness. It’s never not there i’d say but it can certainly become very subtle.

Then, after a while of wandering slowly i realize i need more. It’s always me who kick starts things i would say, Bear has never demanded anything from me without first getting the cues and energies i put out for Him. It’s how we work, He reads me and reacts.

Someone told me some time ago that if i was going to sit back and wait for Him to start things when i needed Him instead of stepping up and asking than i better have the patience of a saint because i was going to be waiting a long time! LoL He was right and i took that guidance to heart!

No matter what the fantasy might appear, if he actually thought He had the right to whatever He wanted, whenever He wanted without giving me a second thought i would be miserable! That is not the type of person i want leading this life of ours.

Whether He ‘knows it’ or it’s just instinct i don’t know but He always makes sure i’m in the right frame of mind to serve and to submit before He demands anything. It doesn’t work the other way around, it’s me who holds the key.

When i’m ready and life has given me a breather to get back to my secret self than i free fall into His dominance and He catches me. And we ride the wave again until life happens and we need to focus on the rest of it for a while.

It’s never gone but it does speed up and slow down dependent on life’s need. Sometimes it just simply swallows us both regardless of what life had planned, those are the primal moments that over take us, those are much less then when we first met but they are still there! *grin*

I was just thinking, if i wasn’t confident enough in me and in Him than i couldn’t free fall, and we likely wouldn’t be doing as well as we are.

Happy Friday! ❤ again *giggle*


8 thoughts on “Free falling

  1. Nj,
    This makes a lot of sense to me. I get so worried about topping from the bottom…… but I am learning that i don’t think that is what I am doing. Storm has the huge responsibility of reading what kind of a day I am having physically….. just like your guy, mine doesn’t want to require of me things that he would when I am feeling healthy. And because that can and does change daily, he sometimes grapples with consistency. But, it’s our relationship and we’re doing it our way…….we make mistakes, have to take breaks, make accommodations and embrace that p-word that I dislike very much…. patience. LOL ! I hope you’re having a comfortable day today, Nj. Hugs, Windy

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    1. I think you can feel the difference between topping and explaining. We know if we are trying to be heard or trying to get our way, we all know.
      If your intention is to try and make things better and more well understood than i say speak away! If you’re just stomping your foot until you win, well i have a feeling your guy will see through that just like mine does! LoL BTW you can’t escape the p word in this thing so you might as well embrace it!!
      My day is ‘ok’ better than what it might be so i’m grateful. Thank you!


  2. Love this! I just wrote about paying attention to your submissive’s verbal and non-verbal cues, when something is either wrong or needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and often those kind of cues are needed to trigger recognition.

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