Blue Trees (a re-blog)

This is a copy and paste from my dear friend, Kitten. Not what i normally post on this site but it is too important not to share! I know mental health has affected my family, support is important.


There is a terrible disease of gum trees in Australia called die back and it is a growing problem in the Australian bush. The remnants stand as silent grey sentinels as monuments to what we are losing. One day I was given this picture of a dead tree with die back and the stark contrast of the bright blue made it stand out from it’s surrounding.

I thought it was a one off, an attempt to jazz up something that simply stood for loss. Something about it was haunting and I had to look it up on the computer and I was shocked to find what it was all about.

There is a group in Australia called ‘Beyond Blue’ that you can contact to get help and someone to talk to with regards to depression. I expect there are dozens of groups like them all over the world.

Now what do blue trees and Beyond Blue have in common? Well it seems, quite a lot. People are painting dead trees blue if they know of someone that died as a result of depression or have fought against the disease. I found it so touching I had to share it with my blogging friends as I know they might find it interesting.

I also think it is such a great cause it might be nice to spread the word across the world.

As this post is so very important you can copy and paste it to your own blog. I don’t need recognition for it.

Depression is a silent killer and the only way to defeat it is by seeking help. Take a stance and vow that not one more person should die as a result of this disease. Reach out to those you think might be depressed and simply say, ‘Are you ok?’

If you, or someone you know needs help, please seek medical help, or encourage them to do the same. I am certain if you google ‘depression’ on your computer you will find help. There will be places you can phone, all you need do is reach out. I believe the Samaritans still have phone lines and help people through a bad time.

Depression is a physical as well as a  mental disorder and you are not alone in this. It is nothing to be ashamed of or something that needs hiding. A problem shared is a problem halved. Look I could quote all of these cliches but it boils down to please seek help.



6 thoughts on “Blue Trees (a re-blog)

  1. While I definitely am happy to see sentiments like this about being supportive and understanding about depression, I do have one thing to say.

    Not all depression is “defeated”, killed off, etc. And that is just as ok. I have been living *with* depression for roughly two decades. For those that are “cured” I am overjoyed for, but I feel it sends a bad message for those who might have it for a lifetime to act as if there is something off about them for not “defeating” it.

    I am one of the lucky ones. Until recently I spent years living peacefully with mine. No, short of my passing, or chemically neutering myself, it wasn’t going away. And that was ok. I learned what could set it off, my limitations, and those who remained in my circle learn it as well. They have learned what helps and what they can do if i’m having a low point.

    This in no way takes away from the message. Depression is most definitely something to be respected, and to aid those with it. I just want to show that it’s a case by case basis on how it can be handled. There will never be a one size fits all answer to it. The best anyone can do is take the time to truly know the person and help how they need it, not what society declares they need.


    1. Thank you, Shelly, your comment is right on no doubt.
      I fear that my old rant about a specific group may have tainted what you see here from kitten. I can assure you that she in no way believes in a one size fits all and after everything she has recently experienced my guess is she was looking for the positive, a bright light in human kind to keep her going.
      I do understand ‘living with’ something and never being able to cure it …. i don’t believe that was the message. I believe the message was of hope.
      Please don’t let my failure to explain taint your view of this good hearted soul’s post.

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  2. No, the rant from long ago is not overshadowing my view on this. This is a lifetime rant of my own i’ve had with the world when necessary. This was more of me putting the idea out there than any kind of lecture toward you, or any of your readers.

    It most definitely is not a reflection of the original poster either. I’m sorry if how I phrased it made it sound in any way judgmental. I was simply adding a view to the conversation.

    I feel like we’re out of sync on the previous as well as this. I think only highly of you, and as for the other poster’s blog, I feel it was done with purely good intent. Sorry for all the mix up.

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    1. Well i apologize as well, text really does leave a lot to be desired at times and i’m so very glad that you took the time to clarify!

      I do also understand life time rants although most of mine were in my head and resulted in selfharm. That’s why i started putting things ‘on paper’ and it seems to help me. 🙂

      I never did expect anyone to deep dive that far to be honest, most of the old stuff is really just ‘point form’ synopsis of what happens in my head and making room for new and better thoughts.

      It’s just how i work. 😀


      1. To be honest, I figured you have it out there, and one of my lifelong goals is to understand humanity as much as possible. So I find it best to start at the beginning.

        I keep toying with the idea of blogging, but i’m not sure i’d stay committed to it, which bothers me. Plus the fact i’m split on writing between my take on *this* world, and more of a life blog, that happens to include this world and anything else that pops into my overcrowded head. I find the latter more like me because it’s more my style to just unload what’s in my head for the day as it is to have focused topics.

        I do agree text is toneless without a lot of help. It’s why i’m fond of emotes, no matter how old I get. Damn people who say it’s only for the young. 😛


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