My needs

In D/s or M/s my needs come before His wants. It’s true, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again!

I’m not talking about my wants, i’m not talking about spur of the moment impulses (although sometimes that is it) or willy nilly changes of mind or attitude, i’m talking about needs!

A submissive submits because it is fulfilling a need. If that’s not happening than there is no point in submitting, no good reason anyway.

Once my needs are met THEN His wants, needs, aspirations, whims etc ….. then those things come into play. That can happen because i’m in a balanced and happy state, i’m then READY to serve and ready to submit.

Needs change and evolve probably faster than you might think. Some disappear and some get added that really surprise you. This is why communication and honesty is so important.

This is always a good start …. half of the satisfaction comes from learning about these and how to honour and fulfill them.

2 thoughts on “My needs

    1. I suppose it could put a stop to a fantasy somewhat but i disagree that it diminishes anything, especially if someone has made it to the point of this type of truth and submission. To me a fantasy is fake, reality is where submission lies and the truth of that submission is unmistakable, peaceful and lasting.

      Once you have the foundation strong and well established, then you can slip in and out of the fantasy in your head without the awful crashes that come otherwise …

      If you spend too much time chasing unicorns you might miss the stallion standing right in front of you! *wink* lol

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