I don’t feel so good :(

I haven’t been feeling so good lately. A ramble ….

When i’m happy and feeling okay i’m pretty silly and goofy. Carefree i guess you could say and happy to the point of the ridiculous. Bear seems to enjoy every minute of it! *raspberries*

When i have things to do and life to take care of i put on my ‘serious side’ and i get things done. Still in a good mood and all but certainly not hopping from side to side sporting a goofy grin! *wink*

When i’m not feeling so good and i have things to do i can feel the weight of the ‘serious’ rabbit having to ‘buck up’ and carry on. i count down the hours until Bear is home because an unwell bunny is a small creature, wanting to curl up tight some where and have no worries at all!!

Bear has been travelling for work more and more these days. Not over night but out of town will sometimes mean later days …. later days mean that bunny has to wait. Bunny makes busy and tried to make Bear proud BUT a sick bunny just feels the weight of the extra time, extra hard.

Bear likes this new side of His job, i know He likes being able to spread out His abilities a bit more and i know Bear is an extrovert at heart and likes the travel and the meeting new people too!

He’s waited for the boys to get bigger before doing anything like this but now His day has come.

I don’t like when Bear is away and i really don’t like when Bear is late …. it’s like the wait physically turns into weight with each passing minute.

Just don’t tell Bear, i don’t want Him feeling guilty …. He deserves to reap the benefits of His hard work.

I just wish i’d get better so it wasn’t so physically hard on me.



6 thoughts on “I don’t feel so good :(

  1. Iโ€™m sure that Bear understands and appreciates all the things you do for him. Especially given your current physical state, and the pain youโ€™re feeling. There is no doubt that he feels the love that fills each of those acts. I hope, for you, that you can have an upswing soon on your health.

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    1. Thanks DC, i know He appreciates each little thing that’s what makes it so easy to continue despite all the rest. ๐Ÿ˜Š
      I do hope i get some help with this soon! I’m feeling it these days and for some my strength is fading.

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  2. I truly hope you feel better. I’m still having plenty of bad days recovering my health, but definitely not anywhere near your level. I very much understand the missing your other half part. My partner and I are currently long distance due to circumstances, but with hopes of him having the time and schedule to visit sooner rather than later. So in the meantime it’s finding big and small ways to feel connected. Some days are a lot harder than others.

    If Bear does feel guilty, I imagine it’s because He loves you so much, and wants to do His all for you. I know mine is like that. He is overly protective. A trait many women would find an issue, I adore. He struggles finding ways to be it from a distance, but I think he does a fine job.

    So here’s all my good thoughts and karma that you start feeling better and that when Bear has time just for the two of you, it’s a happy experience for you both.

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