Tempting, but no ….

This is a mashup of regular life and ‘lifestyle’ post, but then aren’t i always? *giggle*

i mentioned a few posts ago about some of my physical chronic issues and how they tend to affect my life pretty drastically these days. I also just posted about my personality and how that also crashes into the way i feel. Now i’ll try to put into words once again how these things are part of our power exchange 🙂 and most importantly how it keeps me safe and healthy-ish! *giggle*

The last few days have been h3ll on me physically, we spent the weekend working in the yard and trying to get caught up from a less than productive summer outside. The weather has been either too hot and humid or raining, i’ve been suffering because of that and then Bear went and got poison ivy, twice!! And not just a little either, it was a bad case and He had to be very careful not to touch anything green. Kind of hard to do yard work when you can’t touch plants! *chuckle*

So this weekend we did lots of work and my body was already paying the price, then there was the birthday get together that had me running to clean house while working and running boys around. Even just driving is hard on me when i get like this.

By the end of that day i was completely exhausted, and the weather changed …. the heat and humidity came back with a vengeance.  I still had running to do with the boys and of course work! By yesterday afternoon i could barely stand and i’m not one to give in to my aches and pains. My body so tired and beat up went into recovery mode. i have had to fight a fever the last few days, yesterday afternoon it caught up with me! OYE

Just as soon as everyone left i changed into comfortable clothes and sat on the couch, didn’t take long before i just had to lay there …. my head, my stomach, my body ….. everything was off and i just had nothing left. Bear was running to help the kids and my brother and then came home to a zombie bunny! LoL b9519-picture3

All evening i rested and and all night i tried too. Tylenol for the fever and sleep …. many hours later i’m not feeling too badly today! yays!!

It’s tempting to get back at it, there is always lots to do and of course the boys. I still have work today but my work day is broken into morning and afternoon hours with a large break in between. My mind instantly starts to list what i need to be doing and then i see it …


Yeah, so i’m sitting here typing instead. I’ll run the youngest to and from school and for lunch, i’ll try to get my workout in because it’s good for me mentally and physically and i’ll maybe do some light tidying up. Besides that i’m going to take lots of breaks and just rest. i feel better, i want to stay that way and i know He wants that too.

It’s not about any punishments that He might decide on, He’s very lenient or maybe i’m just that good! *raspberries* It is about the fact that i know He won’t be happy, He will be disappointed and now a days He will tell me.

That’s worse than any punishment He could come up with anyway.

He’s always in my head. He’s always watching ….. He’s my dominant.


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