Dare i hope …. ??

Most of you may be unaware because most of what i write regarding the boys is done else where but, for a long time now i’ve been trying to right ‘this ship’ of ours. With the help and support of the Bear of course but the brunt of the ‘doing’ generally falls to me.

The new school year has just begun and i’m very tentatively saying that we might actually be mostly back to ‘normal’, or as normal as we get around here anyway!

Bear and i caught ourselves the other night reminiscing on plans we had had about playing hooky once a month or so and having the house to ourselves and the day to play! Hours of uninterrupted, private adult time! I don’t honestly know if i even remember what that is or what it feels like to play without trying to stay quiet or on alert!

That’s not really the way of it, is it??? *chuckle*

So things are in the works and life seems to be getting ever better with the youngest and hopefully pointing in the right direction now with the oldest.

Dare i hope ….. ???

Maybe i’ll be back to writing soon too! 😉 Life has been busy and complicated but i do miss the feel of the keys under my fingertips.

10 thoughts on “Dare i hope …. ??

  1. I was so glad to see you post. In a moment of childish glee, I was like, she posted, what a nice birthday present! (Today is my birthday)

    It’s good to hear things are well with you and your family. The day to yourselves sounds wonderful and I hope you both can.have that soon.

    I will deviate slightly from the topic to say you and Bear inspired me in my own relationship/dynamic with the mental health aspects. I myself don’t always put myself first in body or mind, and I appreciated how you and Bear have used the dynamic to keep you safer, healthier, and happier. I know everyone is different, but it gave a good foundation for my partner and I to work from. Honestly I think he enjoys it. He’s the fiercely protective type, so it’s pretty much greenlighting his dominant traits as well as his overprotectiveness. (in my eyes, not a bad thing, since it’s never to an unreasonable state)

    That said, I hope you and yours are happy and well, and I look forward to the next chance you have to write.

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    1. Happy Birthday!!! (mine was yesterday!)

      The thing that draws Bear to this dynamic IS the fact that He gets to take care of me, not much else has as much appeal to Him from what i see. The years that He didn’t think He could step in and say something had Him very off kilter, i can see that clearly now. Some might think the added responsibility would be stressful but i think He found it much more stressful when He didn’t feel responsible for my well being, go figure.

      I admit that having Him say things and act this way also alleviates much of my mental stress as well. My perfectionist personality made me very hard on myself, seeing things through His eyes allows some realism and breathing room for me.

      THIS to me is what makes everything else understandable. This is what i’m trying to explain, and maybe even people who have never thought of D/s or BDSM can see the appeal. 🙂

      Thank you for such a lovely comment, sheldonbunny! I always look forward to hearing from you as well!! *smiles*

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      1. Belated happy birthday! I hope it was a good one.

        My partner and I are still figuring out exactly what works for us and doesn’t. It’s been exhilarating and terrifying. We’ve honestly gone through a great deal of pain in the last year, but things are looking brighter. I feel like the dynamic is helping us heal the wounds of the relationship, and better understand one another.

        I’m a bit like you and I put myself last too often, and push too hard. I have that perfectionist problem as well. I still have to nudge him occasionally (but he’s doing so well, i’m very proud of him) to see when my behavior is hurting me. It’s silly to hear an adult admit to forgetting something as simple as eating during the day, but i’ve been guilty of it for the majority of my life.

        It really is easier just to hear that specific tone he uses just for those moments, gentle but firm, that cuts through all the bs in my head and says “He’s looking out for you. Just listen.”

        What keeps me coming back honestly is not so much the kink as seeing a loving family, and what works for them. Though the kink is always interesting. What I enjoy most about BDSM is there’s something for everyone if you take the time to look into it. It took seeing a peek into your dynamic though for me to really grasp how mentally healthy it really could be, and see how it fit a need I couldn’t figure out how to express.

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      2. Mental health is a very important cause of mine, i guess i felt it more important than the kink as something to post about. If sharing opens windows for others to gain some insight, well that’s all the better!! ❤

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