Real life D/s

Following orders when you are in the middle of a scene is easy. Following orders when you are in high protocol situations is easy. Remembering that feeling of following in the real world can sometimes catch me off guard, and that’s when it’s the most real.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that we went a long time having to keep our kink to a minimum. Situations arose that made it next to impossible to practice much by way of protocol or obvious actions, and that’s okay, but that also left a very obvious feel in the smaller things that happen in the day to day.

I’m not only His nijntje, i’m also a mom. As a mom i want to make sure i show my boys how to be a positive member of society. I want to teach them kindness and responsibility etc. …. and i want to teach them to be helpful.

Some time ago, before we were able to play much, we had bought a new mattress for our bed. Now Bear was getting ready to remove the old one and replace it with the new one all by Himself. Since the youngest was just across the hall and doing nothing but web surfing, i piped up. *chuckle*

I told him to come on over and help his dad with the change over. The Bear has been having trouble with His hip and me, well i can’t always be as helpful as i would like!

Very quickly from behind me i heard … ‘Uh, no …!’ That caught me off guard BUT He is the Boss, not just when we play but 24/7 …. so although a bit confused i didn’t argue or question it, i just told the youngest ‘never mind, seems dad’s got it‘ and went in to see Him.

20190504_092743Probably not what i want the youngest to run into when helping dad change the mattress!! *giggle*

Ah yes, good call Bear! *wink*

Being in that following mode is easy when you get to play and practice and carry on. It’s much easier to be in that mindset when you are on a bit of a ‘high’ but it’s important to remember it when you don’t get to play.

To me, this is the real D/s, the one that happens when you don’t get to get your kink on, when you are just you …

❤ Ciao!

Have you had any ‘vanilla’ situations like this? When you simply follow without questions and then have an ‘ahhh’ moment afterwards? Or is it only rabbits that get into this silliness???

2 thoughts on “Real life D/s

    1. I’m normally good at not getting into these types of pickles but we hadn’t played with them is quite a while. They can be noisy as you can imagine, so they had slipped my mind! Comical indeed! LoL
      Hope you’re having a good day, minnie!

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