Musing -on nakedness

If and when the house is ever our own …. i don’t think that being ‘made’ to run around naked all day, everyday would be very ‘submissive making’ to me.

I find that ‘naked’ is a very easy and natural state for me. I hate having to wear under garments TBH and when i am working or when the boys are out of their rooms, *chuckle* the first thing i want to do when i’m able is to shed them!

If it’s cold than clothing is something i want but a warm furry blanket is just as well if you ask me. Even better to be truthful because i just love the feel of fur on my skin. Just fake fur, i don’t subscribe to killing things for their ‘coats’. The synthetics now are so convincing there really is no point to it.

No, i think that being made to wear things is more ‘sub making’ than to not … especially if those things are leather or chain, tight and obvious. Yup, i think that would be much more effective. *smiles*


14 thoughts on “Musing -on nakedness

  1. Hmm, fodder for many wonderful mental musings of you, faux fur, chains, leather and shackles. Oh what the heck, floggers too! Happy Hump Day, wabbit.

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  2. Ah, the joys of clothing optional homes and better yet is that spot by the waterfall on a sunny day. Nakedness has been equated to vulnerability but that is only for people who can’t feel free with their jeans in a pile on the shore.

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    1. LoL Indeed!! I can’t say vulnerable is something i equate with naked, i’ve never understood those who say it’s humiliating either to be honest. Naughty maybe *grin* but i find it quite powerful over all.

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      1. I totally agree. I do practice descretion because I don’t want to traumatize any young people or small animals with my raw personality. 😳😁

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      2. I hear you! I might enjoy my nakedness but i don’t think it gives me the right to impose it on others. Personally i find that wrong, i don’t believe that’s kink i think it’s inappropriate.

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      3. Perfectly said! One person’s joy is another person’s OMG in the public forum. You make a powerful distinction between individual pursuit and inappropriate behavior. I do wish the majority of people understood that distinction.

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  3. I enjoy being made to stay naked at all times. It has become so natural that i feel irritated when I have to put clothing on to brace the real world..

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  4. There is a magical feel of freedom not wearing anything and it goes beyond panties or confining clothing, It means you are free of inhibitions. And that kind of freedm is not only wonderful, it is enlightening. It means you have no inhibitions or insecurities
    That is beautiful and quite sexy..

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