Think fast, rabbit!

One of the ‘fun’ things about trying to do D/s with others (kids) in the house is that sometimes you get caught with your proverbial pants down!

One of the rules Bear has for me is about panties and ‘jewelry’ when i am not working. If you want more details you can read kinky orders – more than just sex and in for a penny, in for a pound.  Details are all there, or as detailed as i get anyway!! LoL

Now this all sounds great but the reality is i don’t want to ruin my clothing by over scrubbing or my furniture with coconut oil. When possible i will lift my dress and sit on a towel.

Well, the other day i had left the towel on the couch because of course life gets busy and things need doing. Towels was not the first thing on my mind. If i know i’m off to do something i will grab the towel and put it away, but sometimes you simply get interrupted.

My oldest comes into the family room and is getting ready to sit, where i had been earlier, and notices the towel on the seat.

“Ummm, why is there a towel on the couch”?

Yikes … time to think fast! “Oh, the cat was inside, she likes to sit there so i put it down just in case. She’s back outside now though, so you can take it off”.

“Oh, okay …”

Crisis averted! 😉 It helps that most of that story is true, the cat(s) do come inside and we do put things down to keep the furniture from getting wrecked, it just wasn’t the case THIS time! LoL

Don’t find that in most M/s manuals, do you?? *chuckle*


11 thoughts on “Think fast, rabbit!

  1. Have to say, good fast thinking! Not necessarily in a manual per se, but there are codicils about thinking quickly being a positive thing in unexpected situations.

    That being said, eventually we should all be able to write our own treatises about the scene, how it impacted us, how we influenced it, and overall how we benefited from being immersed in it.

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    1. Ah yes, this thing a top my head … moves TOO quickly at times, that’s why i need you to slow it down, Sir! ❤ *giggle* And you've been doing a terrific job at that. 😀


    1. Thanks, Andrew! Rabbits are forever finding new and exciting ways to get into ‘trouble’!! *raspberries*
      Hope you have a wonderful day yourself my friend! ❤ Put that poor thing in a vase …. *wink*

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