Monday morning(s)

I’m having my coffee and watching the news with a distinctive *cling* now and again.

The metal on my cuffs is crashing up against my porcelain of my cup. It’s warm enough that i have a bit of a hot sweaty feeling around my wrists, ankles and neck … *smiles*

There is no way i don’t notice the feeling, no way i don’t feel Him with me even though He’s back to work.

In about 20 minutes time i need to go and wake the kids so i’m enjoying whatever few minutes i have left. I’ll have to go get properly dressed (!LoL) and put the cuffs and collar away, replace them with the much more subtle ones i wear daily.

This morning He wanted me to know He’s still here, so this morning He left me His command.

No, it’s not the story book version of a power exchange, but it’s real and it works for us.

Happy Monday! ❤

5 thoughts on “Monday morning(s)

    1. Thanks M, i’m hoping to add a bit of realism to whatever else anyone searching might have read. It can’t always be fun and games, but it can be meaningful and even small things add up in the end. I’m sure there are many like me who don’t have complete privacy to enjoy the lifestyle at will.

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      1. I know what you mean. He’s had to take my leather collar off because of heat. A simple chain is best, though sometimes I do get hand cuffed at bed, or foot-cuffed. Lol!

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