let me count the ways

Not all of the ways He dominates are obvious or intense. Some of the most poignant are, i think, very obscure to most, benign almost.

The weather is warm and my clothing shows that, and my shoulders are bare.

My hair is more than shoulder length now, longer than i have ever had it in my life really. It has a wavy texture and a slight curl on the ends, it’s very fine.

Not me, but it almost could be! *wink*

It rubs up against my shoulders and back with every move when i am wearing it down. Every rub reminds me that it’s this length because HE chose it. I am this way because He chose it. 

It might not seem like intense play, but in my mind …. it is!

(I like having it like this, now … don’t get me wrong, it’s just not likely anything i would have ever managed on my own. For myself.)

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