Today …

Today, i’m not really feeling submissive. It’s okay, i don’t think it’s a big deal really, i think that’s the way real life goes for some of us.

I have lots to do around here and ‘mental health fires’ to put out and manage. Plans need to be made and steps going forward need to be thought through and put into action.

I have things and people to take control for and lead. Does that sound like a ‘submissive’ mind space to you? *chuckle*

Just because i’m a take charge kind of person and i have lots of responsibilities on my shoulders doesn’t mean i can’t still be submissive to Him. It just means i’m wearing a different shirt right now. *wink*

Just because i’m His submissive doesn’t mean i can’t take charge in other areas as well, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing and it doesn’t make it any less committed or connected. It just means we both know how to adapt and move forward in a way that best suits us and the people dependent on us.

So no, right now i’m not in any sort of submissive space, but once He’s home ….  then i can drop the armor and be His once more.


I like taking charge, i also like being His …. maybe i’m greedy but i’ll take both, thank you! *wink*


Comments welcome! :D

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