Like many of you we are in the middle of a heatwave. I should be outside taking care of some gardening, we had a big change to the yard recently and an area that was very shaded before is now full sun. Any of you gardeners out there know what a chore that is, to change things around!

But that heat and humidity is keeping these bones inside for now. One big rule around here is that i’m not to ‘over do it’ as the Bear likes to say and He’s already made it a point of saying it again this morning, twice!

So since i’m on the topic of toys …. *grin* I thought i’d talk about another one of our new purchases. This flogger is the furry one i was talking about last time, i thought i’d give you all a better view. i really am enjoying it!

The other is our ‘rug beater’, not a toy to be taken lightly! Our quest to find toys that were impactful but quiet has lead to this one. It has quickly become a favourite for Bear!! UGH

It doesn’t seem heavy and is very easy to swing ….. or so Bear seems to think so, it’s not heavy and so it doesn’t tire you out. Lucky me … *raspberries*

It is slightly more noisy than the cane but not by much. It’s a thuddy sound so it doesn’t ‘travel’ if you too are looking for more quiet toys. Of course that means ‘i’ need to stay quiet too!! Like other toys this one can be made to be thuddy, it has just enough weight for that, but used slightly whip like it can leave a serious sting, and mark!

Like the flogger, the quality is good and the price, fantastic!

5 thoughts on “Toys

      1. I’m guessing you’ll be going on more shopping adventures with Etsy now. Lol. So, it isn’t as loud, but what about the moans that come from the impact play? How do you manage to stifle those? Just curious.

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      2. Well, unfortunately too much practice has made me very good at it! 😛 Have you ever just gotten the baby to sleep, only to turn around and stub your baby toe? You know the squeak and internal scream you make? Yeah, it’s like that …

        I have also been told more than once ‘not to bite my fingers off’ while i try to stay as quiet as possible, marks last for days, or longer. I bite down on my fingers, arms, whatever happens to be close at hand!

        If we want to play heavier than that it’s usually out in the detached garage and on a rainy day so we know no one will be out and about! 😉

        Although it’s a pain in the butt, *giggle* we do transition from one area to the other when needed. Where there is a will, there is a way, right?!?! LoL

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