I’ve been busy …

Sorry for being away so much, to anyone that might notice, i have found myself very busy even though i’m actually on holiday! Go figure …

I’ve written many a post, in my head, and then moved on to the next thought, and next, and next …. long before anything could be put down on paper!!  The result is i finally have a moment to write and no idea what i have yet to talk about! LOL

Anyway! I have wanted to talk about one of our new toys, the fur flogger. If you recall, i was a bit worried that the fur would be much to ticklish for me and that it would end up on the hard limits pile because tickling is a hard limit for me.

Well …… it ends up that this flogger we have has just enough external leather tails to make it the furthest thing from tickle-y!


That image is distorted enough that Bear says i can share it! *wink* You can actually see the amount of black, leather tails that are in between the furry ones. It makes for a nice weight to swing with (yes i do know how to handle one as well as enjoy!) and allows placement and strength to be fairly easily controlled.

I was honestly thinking it was going to be more of a sensual toy than an impact one based on how it looks but the truth is that this sucker packs a punch, when used correctly it can do both sensual and impact play and transition rather nicely.

The flogger is nicely made and the bonus is that it didn’t even break the bank!

Seems this rabbit is into fur after all! *raspberries*

Comments welcome! :D

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