‘Dynamic’ is in the eye of the beholder.

*** The term ‘sex slave’ here refers to someone who has not only consented but sought out this lifestyle. Although they live under a certain contract of sexual slavery they can leave at any time. This post is in no way meant to promote abuse or true slavery. It’s just kink. ***

You’ve heard of beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? The idea that you see what you wish to see, what’s beautiful to one may not be what’s beautiful to another and we all bring our own energy and perspective when it comes to deciding what is and what isn’t beautiful.

I believe that dynamic or vanilla can also fall under that same umbrella of thoughts, especially in a 24/7 relationship where you share more than just kink and play time together. In my case, a marriage.

I’ve been following along on a story of a full time ‘sex slave’, basically living the story book version of what many of us dream about, strive for, in our own marriages. Maybe not the exact content, but the idea that we can be M/s or D/s 24/7 without interruption.

Now, although i do tend to skip over anything that is erotica or sexually explicit for my own reasons, i have read some of her posts and do you know what i have found? Exactly what i have been surmising since the beginning. Submission and that feeling of being submissive and controlled in many instances comes from within. It’s a choice …

Many of the situations i have read from this person are not much different than mine. Not much different than the majority of the things i read from most bloggers i follow. The truth is the thing that changes the situation from vanilla to submissive is simply the twist she puts on it.

Now i’m not saying there aren’t any physical things being done that very much fall into the BDSM or D/s category, what i’m saying is that even in this ‘perfect’ setup much of the day is spent just like the rest of us. You know, with things to do, people to see and places  we would rather avoid but have no choice to be at. She is a 24/7 sex slave and still has all those same things going on in her day. She simply chooses to tap into her slave energy as she goes through them.

Many of the sexual encounters i have read are also very simple, the energy of being controlled or owned comes very much from her as well as her partner. It’s not solely what the Master or Mistress are doing, it’s also very much the story she is playing inside her head.

So as for me, i’m going to keep on the same path i chose to walk some time ago. If i’m not feeling overly submissive for some reason than i am going to look within. I’m going to speak my needs and wants (just as she does BTW) and i’m going to tap into my submission. I’m going to let Him know what i’m feeling and i’m going to just simply be, in the moment ….

It seems a vanilla encounter can become a D/s one if you simply put your mind to it! *wink*

I’m not saying give up on all the ‘bells and whistles’, oh no! Just enjoy the more simple times, who said they can’t be done in the spirit of D/s as well??

Comments welcome! :D

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