The adjective bittersweet doesn’t just refer to taste. It can also describe a blend of emotions that are sweet but also tinged with sadness. … The feelings and memories you have make you simultaneously happy and sad, and are therefore bittersweet.

As the school year windes down around here i get less and less work until summer break finally arrives! Today is one of those slower days … and the youngest was off to school for the morning.

It seems the Bear really enjoyed the thought of having me run around in nothing but cuffs, collar and plugged .. and the pictures i saved for Him might have had something to do with it! *wink* He decided to day that i should do the same, for one hour was His order.cropped-20190618_133956_2.jpg

I enjoyed the experience the first time when it was me thinking it up but for some reason when He ordered it, well it just added a whole new dimension.

I added an anal hook instead of just a regular plug and i attached it to my collar with chains. I DO LOVE CHAINS! *grin* With no one here to worry about i got to enjoy the feel and the rattle of my bonds while i worked around the house cleaning up from breakfast and doing some vacuuming etc.

It really did transform my morning from chore filled to ‘floaty’ … is that a thing?? Anyhow …

Sure enough i got interrupted before i was able to get to the end of the hour. You see the youngest had an exam today, his final exam for the year. His exam complete he was messaging for a ride home.

Off with all the chains and cuffs and on with the regular everyday. The bittersweet moment made more poignant with every additional stitch of clothing. I have no doubt that the youngest will be home bound from now until the start of the next school year in September unless he is with one of us.

Getting closer to summer break means finally getting a few moments to explore and enjoy the life we would like BUT it also means that the opportunities for such are once again at an end.

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