Counting down the days

I have planned things out in my work that i now am lucky enough to have summers off. My first summer off was last year and i have to say i enjoyed it much more than i thought! I did some gardening and tended some veggies, tried to take care of my physical health and ran the boys around for appointments.

I also got to be much more invested in submission.

There are still many things that need to be done on a regular basis but NOT the hustle and bustle of work and then the exhaustion at the end of the day! Last year especially i was getting to the point that i really could not function by day’s end. A break was in order.

Since i have been a bit busier than i had planned these last few months some of the kinky rules have been pushed aside. I can’t really spend much time pantyless and plugged when i’m working! I also don’t wear dresses or skirts on a regular basis, again because they don’t lend themselves to my work.

In the summer those rules are back (perhaps that’s not the best way to say it, the rule is always there it’s the opportunity that is not.) and they are practiced daily. Those two things are rather obvious and so they make themselves known and felt. Needless to say that it keeps my mind on much more kinky and D/s based thoughts than when i work.

Now i might be off work but Bear is not. This caused a bit of an issue, albeit a small one, in my head. I start to focus on us and D/s and He of course is still dealing with the everyday hustle. I have much more energy to provide to the cause and when the energy wasn’t matched from His side i started to question things.

I have a great imagination and tend to be on the artistic side. My mind is always going and when i let it loose on D/s and BDSM … Look out!! *chuckle*

With all these things running through my head and Him too tired to think from His day and summer heat …. i think you can figure out where that goes. As i have mentioned before, i do tend to slide into ‘slave’ like tendencies when i have the time and focus and by the time He gets home that’s generally where i’m at.

So this year i am making a ‘summer resolution’:

  • There will be no questioning or over thinking.
  • I know the Bear enjoys any and all acts of submission i offer whether it was asked for or not, He has always liked surprises.
  • I will run with my instincts and focus more or ‘doing’ than ‘thinking’, the point of submission is to offer up your thoughts and needs anyway. Holding back is more topping than simply putting it out there and waiting …
  • Bear likes when i’m sassy and sexy – i will not wait for Him to ask, i will simply provide. If He changes His mind about the way He wants me to behave HE will tell me, it’s not for me to decide and hold back.

So that’s about it. For this summer i will rely more on tapping into my submission to Him and less on worrying about if it’s right or not.

Just because He doesn’t have to tell me what to do or change my behaviours doesn’t mean i’m not being His submissive, it simply means that i know Him well and i know what to do to please! *wink*

The more i tap into this energy the more He shows His anyway …. *grin*

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