A couple of weeks ago ….

Not sure why this is on my mind now, maybe because it’s been long enough and i’m now daydreaming while i wait! *giggle*

I remember having Him on top of me, His hand around my neck and one with fingers down my throat. Moving me and molding me to whatever He wanted … i was certainly at His mercy! Enjoying every moment of it, make no mistake about that!

I can always tell when He’s truly in that space, there is a certainty and confidence that simply surrounds Him. His eyes are different, His face is different somehow but no matter how far we go and how hard we play there is one thought that never leaves my mind.

He is bigger than me, stronger than me and He can use me and move me as He pleases. There is no doubt that i have no choice BUT i never feel truly threatened or unsafe. I just know in the back of my mind that the slightest hint of trouble will bring Him straight back to me.

I have a lot of feelings going on at the time, His strength, His presence, His weight. Anticipation and excitement for sure but never fear or worry. No matter what position or predicament i find myself in FEAR has never been one of the emotions with Him.

There is just something unshakable that underlies all we do. Trust …. that’s what makes it all alright.


New toys are here, Sir!

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