We ordered them!! *grin*

We’ve been looking at some new toys to add to our collection and dusting off some old ones. It has been an adventure …. re-learning how and what works, learning that some things have changed and according to Sir …..

“I’m glad to see your tolerances haven’t changed”!

laurel___sitting_pose_reference_27_by_faestock-d8ie51vI think three days in and my backside might disagree! *raspberries* I still find myself sitting gingerly from time to time ….. You can stop smirking now, Sir!!

It has been a while since we played this hard, i remember thinking in the shower of all the things i have learned for aftercare in order to avoid bruising (i know, i know … but i don’t like them) and also to avoid paddle rash. THAT is not fun …

I have always been much more into pain play than sensual play but I guess i might be evolving! We’ve ordered a fur flogger!! I admit it was never something i had really considered, obviously doesn’t fit too well into paddles and canes … *chuckle* but we have decided to try it and i’m actually excited.

One of my hard limits is tickling, it makes me feel just awful, it hurts, doesn’t make me laugh at all and honestly my reaction is to *punch*! I can’t help myself, i know there is a name for it although i don’t now remember what it is but some people truly can not handle it! That is me …

So, this will be an adventure for certain. My sides and belly won’t be the first areas to practice on, that’s for sure, but i am looking forward to it. This is definitely new.

The toys we wanted had been unavailable but we found them again and ordered them. I hope this means we are back into playing and connecting like we did before! Trying to mesh the vanilla responsibilities with the D/s feel has been confusing and we are going through a bit of trial and error again.

Certain things just don’t flow like they used to and the Bear needs to sit and talk this through with me but we’ll get there. Half of the fun of the adventure is the getting there anyway, isn’t it?

One thing i have noticed, at least from my side, is that the high level of excitement is just not there, not like the first time. There is no running ahead and falling on your arse when you figure out you’re just not ready. No flying high and then ‘drop’! Now that i’m writing it, i think perhaps it’s just a bit slower than it really needs to be ….. hummm, food for thought there.

The boys used to go out every Sunday night to gramma’s but that was dropped last fall. That might have something to do with it, no set time to foster excitement in the waiting.

Maybe it’s just because all the other aspects have been tried and figured out and really the only thing left is the actual play. The rest of the relationship is like an old comfy shirt … now we’re just looking forward to the times we can get dressed up! *wink*


9 thoughts on “We ordered them!! *grin*

    1. ‘sweatpants phase’ LoL That’s funny! *chuckle*
      It was a bit more than that unfortunately, involving the mental health of my youngest but Thank You for the well wishes anyway!! *smiles*


      1. I’m sorry to hear that, it’s a tough road to travel.
        My youngest suffers from a few things but it was his panic disorder that became the issue when it came to our play time. He was a ‘shut in’ for the better part of a year and noise was a huge trigger. Needless to say play time is not always quiet …. so it had to be pushed aside more or less.
        Even now he only leaves the house for school and can just manage two classes, he is home before 11 am.


      2. We have thought it through but we live in a Georgian style home with textured plaster walls. Taking that down is not only a huge investment and mess it also seems wrong! LoL Why buy such a home only to destroy it?
        We’ve learned quieter ways of play that have held us over and as the post says, we’re now getting back at it. Cautiously to be sure not to back track with the youngest, but back at it none the less! πŸ˜€

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