Naughty- and TGIF <3

I’ve been sending Him naughty pictures again here and there, when i get a chance. I’m still working everyday so there really isn’t much by way of opportunity but every so often before or after a shower i get just a few extra minutes, and then …..

We decided last week that the kink and high protocol would be kept to the weekend hours when we have more time and energy, the rest of the week will have a much more low key feel. It will help me keep my mind in a better space not on the ready and expecting to be available for ‘something’ at any moment through the week.

It’s not a part time D/s, it’s more high protocol/low protocol periods of time. The basics are always in place ….. rules for my health and basic interactions don’t change, it’s basically just the kink. I imagine you know what i mean!

Anyway, He’s let me use one of those pics as the ‘theme’ for my front page as of last night. Not sure if He is going to have it taken down today, He said He would sleep on it. *wink* (Obviously it’s not that naughty, it is still my site, the basic feel has not changed).

It’s Friday again, i wonder if ‘high protocol’ will be asked for again?? I guess we’ll see on both those points!

Happy Kinking everyone, TGIF!! ❤

11 thoughts on “Naughty- and TGIF <3

    1. I think i just need to know what ‘mode’ i’m supposed to be in, the uncertainty is that thing that plays on my mind! It’s like being blindfolded in a scene, forever …… always prepped but then nothing …. it messes with my head.

      And thank you! LoL

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    1. lol i haven’t heard the decision yet BUT i am wise enough to know that once something is out there, it’s out there forever! I made sure it wasn’t anything i couldn’t live with. *wink*


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