A request

This is our version of things, a way for us to differentiate mindsets, i think that’s the way to describe it. The terms have meaning to us, they may not fit yours and that’s okay.

Once upon a time when we first started playing around with a more ‘official’ version of our kink and dynamic we had it set that during the week we were D/s (meaning i did have some expectation of being consulted on things) and the weekends were more of a M/s model.

During the week we have many more responsibilities requiring attention and since i’m home i have many more decisions to make on my own. During the weekend hours the Bear is here and available to make those choices on a moments notice. So that’s what we did.

Sexual expectations of course change as well. During the week i would get a say in what if anything we did, if i wasn’t feeling well or just not ready etc. it would be taken into consideration. During the weekend hours it was just expected that i would be available and ready at any moment, regardless.

This is more a mental game, a feeling. The Bear would never take advantage of a situation regardless of whatever we call it. His priority is and always has been me first. I do however have some very strong ‘slave’ tendencies and i enjoy getting to be that for a while … longer than just during play time.

People have all sorts of words for it, humiliation, objectification, property …. i don’t really feel any of those things. Although i could sit here and pretend that i was humiliated, the truth is it both turns me on and frees me from the stress of the everyday, for a while.

He can dress me, pose me and tell me just how and when to move. The more sexy and ‘vulnerable’ the better, it makes me feel coveted, treasured and really something special. I know that’s the way He feels about me, that’s the only reason it’s okay!

The expectation was from Friday after dinner to Sunday mid afternoon, at that point we would sit and discuss how it went, what we felt, what we liked and what if anything we wanted to do more of or change. Like an extended scene i guess you could say. It also gave plenty of time for aftercare, because mental aftercare is important for me not just physical. It also allowed enough time to get back into the Monday frame of mind, so no subdrop!

Anyhow, wandering the house in nothing but a leash and collar is still not feasible but i do feel we can start to work on something a bit closer to what we had. I’m hoping we can sit and work on something, let’s just put it that way!! *giggle*

So earlier this week i made the request, the request that He think on it and perhaps we can talk it over this weekend and try.

I’m pretty sure i still have the full list of protocols and expectations here Sir, if you’d like to review them. *wink*


4 thoughts on “A request

    1. Thanks! We did that too when we were able to get away, it was a nice, exciting change. Bear kept saying He was making ‘notes’ for when the house was our own! LoL Someday …

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