Ask me a question …

Some one, anyone – ask me a question.

There are almost 450 of you followers and views in almost 200 countries, someone must have something they can think to ask!?!?

I need a distraction …. anyone??


23 thoughts on “Ask me a question …

      1. hehe Yummy! I’m a hot fudge, walnuts in syrup, whipped cream with a cherry on top kind of girl. 😉 Just about on anything too! LoL

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      2. LoL They are good, and you can get a chocolate buttertart as well …. then the whipped cream and ice cream can be put on top!! LoL
        I’m getting a headache from the sugar rush just by thinking on it!!! 😛

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  1. On a different tangent – Have you and the Bear been doing any toy shopping? Or making do with what is in your arsenal at present. Also, are you a fan of pervertables (everyday items that can be repurposed) or shop for scene specific items?

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    1. We have been shopping but a few of the items we want are currently unavailable … so basically i check back every few days and see if they come back! So i guess for now you can say we are making due with what we have.
      We use lots of things that are not kink or sex specific LoL I can normally think something up to mimic a toy before we buy one to test drive it you could say! Not much point in spending the money just to find out we really don’t like it! *wink* For example, our first experience with a cane was a plastic rod from some miniblinds. *grin*


    1. One of my favourites is Bulgogi, it’s quick and simple! My son brought it back from his trip to Korea, it’s been a staple ever since. 🙂 Sliced beef, rice and broccoli … I can send it to you if you like!

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    1. Hi magickstar, boy that’s a hard question. It really is relative isn’t it, depending on what you consider hot! LoL
      We have played in an ER waiting room, Bear put his hands to use edging me. My whole family was there, they had all just stepped out to talk to the nurse in the hall way!! Evil!
      The news was good, we knew that already, but i’d say His timing was pretty kinky and the location and chances of being caught was hot. I know they had cameras, i can’t say for sure if anyone actually saw us or not to be honest!
      That’s one example … *wink*

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      1. Thanks for sharing! Nice. Yeah, I don’t totally understand it, but the potential for getting caught can be a real turn on for some reason. Especially in places where you probably shouldn’t be doing something sexual. I discovered this majorly a number of years ago when I worked in a small office. I shared the room I was in with a woman I was attracted to. She was married though, so I wasn’t trying to hit on her or anything. Over time however, we discussed more personal stuff and eventually we discussed sex and our mutual attraction. Turns out she was pretty kinky. Anyhow, we never did anything more than talk, but at some point I started touching myself under the desk when we talked. At some point I let her know I was doing it and it turned her on. After that I would even show her what I was doing and though it made us both a bit nervous, it was really arousing to do in such a setting with co-workers right next door. Even after we no longer worked together, I would sometimes get horny and do it. The riskiest time was when I was doing this and another woman that worked there came in to discuss something with me and I did it subtly while we were staring at each other chatting. She had no idea. Haha.

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