Well, that was fun! Brat-titude …

The weekend has been quite an experience. We didn’t go anywhere and the weather didn’t disappoint, it truly was awful!! There is flooding everywhere we look, the rain was relentless. Never fails to make me feel sore and achy but that is what it is ….

The Bear has been making less excuses and taking more action. I’ve been working on my brat-titude to give Him as many opportunities and ‘reasons’ as possible! *raspberries* Apparently ‘poking the bear’ is just a saying and should NOT be taken literally. Doing so may result in some man-handling and a reddened backside! 😛 LoL

I want to note here that EVERYTHING is consensual and done in play. I am not a real brat for starters so when Bear is done playing He simply says the word and it stops. Secondly, my choice of wording here is mostly to keep the power exchange flowing and make it more intense. Bear would never touch me in any way that i did not want or in this case, promote! *wink* 

I’m enjoying this renewed sense of adventure and energy but i admit it does worry me a bit. I worry that the ‘quiet’ is not as quiet as it needs to be and the ‘hidden’ isn’t as hidden as it should be …. but i need to trust that He’s paying attention and making sure that things are as they should be.

He loves using His hand(s) to make that connection but of course it tends to be a bit louder than what we can really play with and enjoy right now.

He broke out the flogger for the first time in a long time, it didn’t take long and i was already floating away …. it didn’t even take much intensity. My body has a ‘memory’ of times gone by i guess, it fell into the rhythm very easily with Him.

He must have fallen back into rhythm as well, He knew when to stop even though it hadn’t been long at all, i guess He could see it in me. When He touched my shoulder to say ‘enough for now’ i practically jumped off the bed. He brought me back …. the slightest touch and a whisper.

Back to Earth i came, but a feeling of calm has started. *smiles* Let’s hope He can keep us going and safe from eyes and ears …..

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