A new development and an old rule remembered!

Today is a good day. Today the sun is shining and although i started rough i am moving around pretty well this morning.

I guess i’m feeling kind of chatty too! *giggle* The Bear is back at work today but i have one more day, making the best of it while i’m catching up on some housework.

***** *****

I asked Him sometime ago to leave it for me on my days off when He works, it helps to pass the time and to feel connected to Him. Not because the chores are for Him but because doing them is in hopes of having free time together after! *wink*

He still will go off on our weekends and start doing chores alone, it’s a habit i hope He can break. I’ve explained to Him that i makes me feel like housework is more important than our time together AND it also makes me feel like a complete waste of air and space. I know He’s doing it all so that i don’t have to and i appreciate that BUT …

There are days and times that i can’t do much and i truly do appreciate the fact that He is here and will step up without question or complaint but for my own mental health i need Him to leave things for me to do on the days that i can. Especially when those are days that He’s not here.

I need to feel a sense of accomplishment and i need to know that i can still function and add to the dynamic, the family and to us …. it’s a tricky balance to work out, i know but we’re getting there!

***** *****

So anyway, here i am getting caught up on things that were let go from the weekend and with the weather finally being nice i am working up a sweat! *wink* I’m finally wearing ‘less’ which means that my shoulders are bare. Bare enough to feel the length of my hair, rubbing up against my skin. Last year at this time i was sporting a pixie cut! LoL This is a first in a very long time, maybe ever, that my hair has been this long.

The length of my hair is completely the Bear’s doing, He is the one who decided He wanted it longer, so here we are.Β  As i feel it rubbing against my skin my mind travels to the dark, furry plug that He likes to have me wear, or did. The kid(s) have to be up early even on the weekends these days so the times of running the house, kinking it up while they slept are pretty much over. No more ‘tails’ to tell about!! πŸ˜›

Of course I had to mention that to Him on His lunch break …. *wink*

***** *****

Why am i writing this? i don’t know, maybe to get back into the spirit of things …. you can see where my mind has already traveled to.

That brought me to the old rule remembered …. I wrote some time ago that Bear gave me back control of my orgasms, when He isn’t here. There were many reasons for that and if i ever manage to find the original post i will link it but for now let’s just say it was necessary.

Today as i’m getting things tidy i remember the rule, the ‘yes but’ part of the rule. I do have control of my orgasms when He is not around to ask BUT i am not allowed to orgasm on ‘Master’s bed’ without express permission! *wink* I wrote Him a story some time ago that included that little tidbit … apparently He likes it, so He enforced it!

It’s particularly effective on the mornings you awake out of an exciting dream, ready and needy and then … damn! Not in bed, not here, not without Him. Not without permission … The room is cold, the floor is nowhere near as inviting! Do you dare, do you try? Do you give in … in the shower, maybe then… ?!?!?

What should make the need go away only ends up making it more …. i wonder if He knows this? Bears are Evil …. !!

Happy Monday! *grin* ❀

9 thoughts on “A new development and an old rule remembered!

  1. Lol! Sounds like good times.
    MrR also wants me to grow my hair out long. I usually keep it off my neck, not pixie short, but maybe chin length. R wants it longer, so now it’s in that awful in between stage that’s no fun. Grrr. Will be better in another month or two when it gets past my shirt collar and I can pull it back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The in between stage is no fun! I just had to keep my eye on the goal, and a good hair dresser don’t hurt either! LoL A little styling in between can make it more manageable! Good Luck!


      1. I haven’t any funky colours atm, my hair is too long and i need to bleach it out before i can add anything. That’s just too much work and not to mention the damage! I might consider highlights or a stripe for summer, don’t know yet. Because of the trouble of it all Bear has left that decision to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I still have bleached highlights left, and I use shampoo to dye it. It’s easier. Sometimes I die stripes at home. I have to lay off the beaching for a while, so I’m avoiding getting my roots done. :/ Still looks cute though!

        Liked by 1 person

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