Well, let me see now …

I haven’t written here much again, haven’t had much i wanted to put to paper i guess.

He’s been trying to get the kinky vibe going again, not in bed but outside the bedroom. I hadn’t been trying very hard, i just really couldn’t get a handle on my mind. I am now …. slowly but starting. I had to get my head back out of the clouds before i could concentrate on anything else. I really do hate walking around in a fog!

I had been hoping to write about a wonderful trip we had planned this long weekend! It was going to be wonderful, a very nice, large B&B. A historical building in the middle of a historical town, just a couple of hours away. It’s in the off-season so things should be quieter …. just perfect!

Well, the weather is supposed to be awful in the area, we were planning sight-seeing and lots of walking. Historical walking tours, ghost tours etc. ….  And yes, some fun! *wink* Walking around in the rain isn’t exactly my idea of a fun time and my body wouldn’t handle it anyway, not now.

We could get ourselves locked up in our room i suppose but i’m now just starting my cycle so the timing is less than ideal. Yes, there is plenty you could still do but frankly when it comes to these few days i’m really just not interested. My chronic issues flare up, every time, and coupled with the rain … well, let’s just say i’m not really a hoppy, horny bunny right now!! 😛

So instead of telling you about my weekend away i’m telling you about the soggy long weekend that is my anniversary. Well, there’s always next year!

My brother just had knee surgery yesterday anyway. It’s probably best we stay around, he has just as many people he can count on as i do, Well he has less, at least i have the Bear!

We’ve been looking at some new toys, maybe we’ll spend some more time doing that while we wait out the rain! My first venture onto Etsy …. it was an adventure!! ❤

10 thoughts on “Well, let me see now …

  1. Why wait until next year? Plan another trip sooner, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for it to be…special. Oh,and take those toys you were shopping for with you.

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    1. No it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, you’re right. The timing though was perfect because being the off season it is much quieter. That area starts to get very busy just as soon as the weather gets nice, not really what i want. We’ve been there then too, it just doesn’t offer the same privacy … *wink*

      The search is on for another location!! The toys may just have to be practiced with at home first i guess!! *tee hee hee*

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      1. *chuckle* you and Bear would get along just fine ….
        He seems to be enjoying taking some liberties lately and watching me try to wrap my head around ‘what just happened’?? *raspberries*

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