Submission through ‘service’?

I suppose that depends on what you mean by ‘service’! *wink*

In this case i’m referring to house work, yard work, making dinner, laundry etc. I have seen this referred to as ‘submission’ or as part of the rules of the dynamic.

Many moons ago when i did chat online with a few friends i remember the topic coming up then too. The conversation was about trying to find that submissive feeling in doing the chores, the dishes what have you. Needless to say it can be elusive at times. *chuckle*

Personally i have never found these things to be ‘submissive’ at all. I have always felt that these were just things that needed to be done, dynamic or not, they were common sense and courtesy. They still are, there are very few things that i do around the house that i consider part of my submission.

I cook and prepare meal plans because i have always been the one who does the cooking, Bear was not really so great at it. I’m not saying He can’t and He has gotten to be pretty good these days but it was not really His forte! He has however been my sous chef for as long as i can remember, when He’s here. *smiles*

When the kids were little and i was the one up most of the night He did most of the cleaning and laundry etc. As things leveled off we started sharing the responsibility since we both worked full-time outside of the house it just made sense. The quicker we got things done the more together time we could have.

Once i began working from home I started to take on a few more of those responsibilities because i was home and the time was available. Again, the quicker these things are done the more together time we get.

Now that i’m not always feeling so great i do what i can and He does the rest. Or we do it together ….

The only time a domestic duty ever feels like submission is when i do it His way instead of mine. When i put His preference ahead of my own but since we are so similar that is a very rare occasion.

I cook because i enjoy it, i clean and organize because my OCD wouldn’t let me have it any other way anyhow! 😛 I enjoy the look of contentment on His face at the end of the day when He comes home to a neat house and i enjoy the praise He offers. Appreciation never goes out of style.

I can’t say i find submission through service. To me it’s just a responsibility, not because i’m female or submissive but because i’m here and have the time. If the timetable was turned He’d be the one doing it ….

***** *****

Now i’ve got some toys to go hide, i think i’ll make up my own Easter hunt! *wink* Who needs eggs …. ????



7 thoughts on “Submission through ‘service’?

  1. I’m totally with you on that! I’m a rubbish housewife, can’t cook, get stressed at mess, and do rage cleaning. Not exactly submission through service at all. I like organising stuff though so there’s at least that going for me lol

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    1. LoL Yup, there is that! 😉

      I think that perhaps if my marital situation was different (girlfriend, more occasional) or if i didn’t also work full time i might feel differently but under the circumstances … it really has no submissive roots at all for me.

      This was also established long before D/s so i guess that might have something to do with it as well. It wasn’t started as submission, it was and is simply life around these parts.

      I have been giving this some thought however …. more to come! 😉

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  2. When I was younger I once got up and 5am and cleaned the house from top to bottom. When my master got home he didn’t say a word. I had washed walls for gods sake. In the end I said ‘do you like the house I cleaned up’? He looked around and then said, ‘you forgot the ceiling fans’ and walked away. Early lesson well learned. I do what I can and spread it over the week. Darling S. always helps me as we figure we both live there, both make mess so we both do the chores. We both work well together and even have fun doing it. Yes, he does say how good it looks … if he notices it ~ wink ~

    Now if given a choice, do something fun or chores I know which way we will go. I am no longer a slave to the house. I am too busy being a submissive to my darling S. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Oh don’t get me started on mothers and fathers. That’s a mental health issue right there. My Nana was the biggest positive influence in my life and she taught me how to do stuff like the right way to iron a shirt and how NOT to poison people with your cooking. I never ever got the whistle while you work thing when you clean toilets though!. ~ rolls eyes ~.

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