More than kink … still.

I’ve said this many times but despite the risk of repeating myself i’m going to say it again.

Things for me physically have been ‘interesting’ lately. Getting around has been difficult but despite that i have managed to continue with my workouts. By the end of last week however i was starting to run out of steam!

As if on cue, the Bear goes to get on the ski machine and notices the time still registered from my last work out. He turns to look at me and tells me how He’s proud of me, for keeping up even with all the issues that have plagued me. Then He says ‘no, YOU should be proud of yourself’.

The Bear is not an ‘easy praiser’ LoL Is that a thing??? I know that He thinks it all the time but He really doesn’t comment all too often. This one came at just the right time!

So far this week i’ve managed to keep up and i’ve added a few new things to make up for the few old exercises i can’t perform right now! His comment as my Dom has added the extra fuel i needed to keep up the good fight!

I can do a lot on my own and i am a ‘fighter’ no doubt, but the extra support i get from Him now means the world to me. Especially when the fight seems to have no end in sight!


6 thoughts on “More than kink … still.

  1. There’s no doubt that you’re a fighter, lil’Rabbit, but The Bear is right… you need to hear and know that you’re not alone. That goes a long way and it’s fantastic that he can be there for you in that way.

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    1. It does go a long way, thanks Cookie Monster! I have managed to change my thinking over the years, and Bear has always been there through thick and thin. I certainly couldn’t ask for more! 😀

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