I did something …

I did something today that i didn’t think i’d ever do again. I joined a ‘club’, not sure if it’s a wise move or not. A D/s club … [ *update: a chat club, not a face to face one]

I’ve done this before, a couple of times and both times it didn’t work out.

I’ve tried communicating through email before, a couple of times and that never seems to work out either.

So why do it again? Well i guess i’m hoping for inspiration …. without being preached at or … ummmm, finding myself in the middle of a great deal of repetition?? Can i say that?

I cycle through things quickly, that’s not always greeted with open arms.

I keep my opinions to myself, but if you ask me i will tell you the truth, even if it is hard to hear.

In my life i’ve had a very hard road to travel to get to where i am. I care very little for the ‘fluff’ of it all you could say.

To me, my wedding ring is the most important symbol, that’s the connection that is always there. Busy or not, stressed or not, kinky or not … it’s always there. That’s the key, everything else is extra. To me ….

I guess we’ll see where this leads ….

29 thoughts on “I did something …

    1. Thank you J. Lynn, i need all the luck i can get when it comes to dealing with people. LoL I should clarify, it is just a chat site, not face to face. I’ll update that on the post. 🙂

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  1. Totally agree on the wedding ring! I read on some D/s (don’t remember where anymore) that if you were D/s that it came before your marriage. I left and never looked back. Marriage first, D/s adds to that, it doesn’t supercede it.
    Coincidentally enough, I found myself looking at local clubs myself yesterday. There’s not many options here, but I did find a couple regular munches, though they overlap. I’m not sure if we’ll go or not. We’ll see.

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    1. Thanks minnie. I think it depends on the relationship i suppose. Many of us went into marriage ‘hole hog’ as they say but some didn’t. For that purpose i suppose their D/s might be more, i just don’t like being told it has to be that way for all of us. That’s when i check out too! I don’t blame you for leaving. 🙂

      This is just a chat site that i joined, i don’t do ‘people’ very much and Bear would never allow it anyway. The risk to my job and our livelihood would be too great at this time. There are not many options around here! Hopefully you find somewhere though, i’d love to hear how you make out! Face to face friends you can talk to would be pretty cool!


      1. It would, but our risk is also pretty great, so I don’t know if we’ll go. What online chat group did you find? What to share?
        I’ve found one, but it’s in the UK, so the time difference is a killer.

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  2. I think we join clubs in order to find some people that share common interests. I’m sure it would be nice to converse with others in person about thoughts and experiences.

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    1. I agree, i spent a short time talking to someone while i was ‘on ice’ and it was amazing how just telling someone what you were doing and having them know it was ‘ a submissive act’ really refreshed my energy in D/s.

      I have missed that aspect of it, and i have missed you around too!!! So glad you popped in! ❤ 🙂

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  3. Little bunny have you heard about reddit? I found it when I was researching S. illness but I have since found it can also be used in lots of stuff. The reason I mention it is if this new chat doesn’t work out, then you can start your own threads and set the rules. It is just a thought. It sort of works like making comments here. However not sure if you would like something like that. Just enjoy the getting to know each other. ❤ <3<3

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    1. Thanks kitten, i’m just looking for some real time conversation, that’s all. I stay away from anything online generally speaking. This WP thing is all i have/do, well until now! lol


    1. Thanks, Kis! So far my hours have not meshed with theirs but the site and ideas there are good. The newest post is about anxiety and the importance of talking it out with your partner(s). The site is about the in between stuff, keeping the vibe going when you’re not kinking it up, i like that. 😀

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      1. It’s totally frustrating me! I moved my domain name but not fully hosted yet. For some reason the like star and comment box disappeared so people have to go into the post on the blog to like and comment. Working on it, but it’s driving me nuts at the moment!

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      2. hummm … do you still have access to the ‘dashboard’? If so you should be able to go into ‘settings’ from there and then ‘sharing settings’ where you can turn it all on or off …. if you still have that of course! Good luck!!

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      3. Apparently #DomSigns has a really good write up, twitter i think. I don’t have a twitter account but maybe it can help you!

        J. Lynn at Rantings of a nonsensical Mind found it helpful!

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