Interesting developments

Sorry i’ve been away folks, i know you’re used to me writing more often but now that i’ve hit that 1 000 mark i think i’m going to concentrate elsewhere AND write here too but not so regimented. I was writing almost daily but i think i need a break from that schedule. I hope you all understand and i hope you keep coming in to check from time to time. I will be here, i promise, just maybe not so chatty! LoL

Anyhow, back to kink.  I came to the realization not too long ago that i had developed?!? imagined?!? a new kink. How’s that for a surprise at this stage in life! I’ve never been shy about my sexual wants and needs so to find something new creeping into my thoughts at this stage was quite surprising ….

It did take a little while before i decided i could open up to the Bear about it. I think He might have been a bit leery about asking truthfully, i did mention something about having thought up a new adventure but He never did go back and push further to find out.

Eventually, on a nice relaxing evening sitting in the hot tub and enjoying ourselves it made its way to the surface. Playing around in the water, in the dark probably helped to start the conversation! *wink*

The Bear was much more excited about trying it than i thought He would be and so it didn’t take long for us to start ‘adventuring’. *giggle* We’ve had a few good romps and it’s all very quiet which is wonderful. It allows us to keep playing and keep that sense of adventure alive until the house is finally our own and noise a non-issue!

Now i’m wondering …. is there actually something else my mind might think up???

Have you surprised yourself with a new adventure? After thinking you’ve tried it all, have you found just … one … more … thing???

4 thoughts on “Interesting developments

  1. I think so much of intimacy involves exploring. HD and I occasionally mention something we would like to try or have thought about, exploring. We are also very new to kink and early in our relationship, so there is still quite a lot we haven’t tried yet.

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    1. New things are always exciting to try, even if some don’t turn out as ‘sexy’ as we first thought! LoL We’ve had some interesting misadventures too …. not sure i can say what i liked best! 😛 Sometimes the ‘fails’ are just as fun as the fun! 😉

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