Can you share?

I really like this, not something ‘like’ this, I know there are many but, I would like something ‘same’ or very similar.

I like the thickness and strength of the binding. I like the secure feeling of the whole thing. So …. do any of you have a resource you can link back???

Thank you! ❤ and TGIF!

10 thoughts on “Can you share?

  1. There are so many forms of bondage and there are several books published on it. The Japanese call it Shibaru. You can also find a lot on you tube. S. knows a lot more on the subject so I will talk to him about it. He might know more than I. If you can go to You Tube and search chest harnesses you might find it there. I think there are a couple of very popular bondage guys called the Knotty Boys or Brothers who are very well known and respected. From the picture you can see there are no colour changes to the model hands or limbs so the person that did this was very knowledgeable. Good luck on your search.

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    1. Thanks kitten, i know there are many resources out there. I love the ‘two knotty boys’ they really do a great job of explaining things!! ❤
      I was hoping someone knew just what this particular one was and save me some time in trying to find it myself. Like you said, who ever did it did an awesome job!


  2. Without being able to see the front and given just the info from the picture it looks like nothing more then a simple tk chest harness that has been dressed with a long wrap of rope over the two pieces coming from the shoulders down to a waist rope so it’s mostly window dressing in my opinion, but hey I could be wrong it’s happened once before.

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    1. I think you’re right S., i see the same thing but Bear hasn’t got the same prowess? let’s say as i when it comes to seeing things in this fashion. He likes concrete evidence before starting, i tend to be a bit more creative and artistic. 😉 lol


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