Plan change

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, no matter how much you want to follow through with your rules and protocols, sometimes you just can’t.

Consistency is important for me to feel like this thing is for real, I’m also a bit of a perfectionist and so not doing what I’m supposed to be doing usually plays on my mind.

Last night while we were trying to accomplish the evening ritual of changing from my work clothes to my comfy clothes, with Sir’s help *wink*, I had to quit! UGH

I have some physical issues that like to rear their ugly head from time to time, I’ve been doing okay for a few weeks now but yesterday as time wore on I got sore! Really sore …. I was favouring my left leg/knee and eventually after being left to ‘wait’ for a few minutes I just simply couldn’t put any weight on my leg what so ever! I couldn’t shift my weight from one side to the other to assistant in the ‘panty removing ritual’.

I was in so much pain that I had tears running down my cheeks …. that was the end of that ritual!

He sat me down, helped to remove what was left of my clothes and helped me put on some pj’s. I eventually hobbled down to the couch and grabbed some ice …. that was the end for the night!

The things we have in place are important to help the balance and peaceful feeling around here and this is one that helps the transition from work time to home time. For some reason I’m not feeling cheated by not being able to complete it.

I would have expected to run it over and over in my mind, fret that the ritual wasn’t done and that the power/submission wouldn’t be there, wouldn’t be affirmed as is our way! But it wasn’t like that at all.

I was left with an easy peaceful feeling actually, I just simply followed His lead. This is what He wanted, this is what He decided. I didn’t over think it or worry, I just followed.

My submission isn’t felt as an overwhelming, frenzied feeling. Not like in the beginning. It’s not an overly emotional response, normally *wink*, it’s just this. An easy simple way of trusting Him to do what is right, what I need in any given situation. Even if what I need is to not follow through …

***** ***** *****

Putting Him in charge of my workouts has given me extra motivation to keep going. I don’t find myself coming up with excuses not to continue but …. I have to temper that enthusiasm with the knowledge that if I hurt myself I will be in some BIG TROUBLE!

Still pretty sore today, I’ll have to see how far I can make it in my workout ….

I am very much looking forward to our transitional time today though!!


6 thoughts on “Plan change

    1. Thanks Kis, i’m currently ‘on ice’! LoL

      I was really enlightening?!,…. encouraging?!,… perhaps best described as a light bulb moment to realize that I could feel confident as His submissive even in this.

      Protocols and highly obvious actions are always easy ways to feel complete in this lifestyle but to have that even when kinky things are not forthcoming, well that was truly reassuring for me. Let’s face it, life tends to happen, often! Being able to keep the feeling regardless gives me peace.

      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

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      1. Hope the ice helps! A cool bun is a hot bun in waiting…😉

        I know what you mean and can feel equally submissive with just a cheek stroke or a check of my water after work. They feel different to the protocols and obvious actions but are just as important and valid, and in some ways, even more precious.

        I’m glad you were reassured, as you should be and especially when life happens that peace is vital. xxx

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